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    Mike Shick Motorsports Designs (MSMD) began 6 years ago, after my long time interests in drawing and motorsports finally crossed paths. I began drawing designs by hand for local drivers, which soon translated to digital design work. Working with local sign shops, several of my designs became reality on the local short track circuit. I designed rides for drivers I knew, and designed some graphics after winning a few online design contests.

    My first official web design job came through an online racing community, and I then proceeded to do a website for a local late model driver, who's car I had already designed. I did several race car layouts and website designs to get me through my college years, and after graduating, I'm now designing full time.

    I may not have decades of experience under my belt, but I have been involved with racing for a long time, and I understand what teams and drivers need when it comes to design work and effective sponsor representation. MSMD is always looking to expand and take on new clients, both in web and vehicle graphics. Even though we specialize in motorsports related graphic design, MSMD can design anything you need!

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    • Collins Engine Works T-Shirt Design
      Collins Engine Works Shirts
    • Kelsey George Racing 2010
      Cole Duncan - KGR 2010
    • CarlBowser.com
      2010 Version
    • Carl Bowser 2010
      Carl Bowser 2010
    • Carl Bowser 2010
      Carl Bowser 2010 Helmet
    • Rod George 2010
      Rod George 2010
      Lettered by Showtime Designs
    • M&L Tractor Services
      M&L Tractor Services Logo & Decals
    • RodGeorgeRacing.com
    • Curtis Stivason 2009
      Curtis Stivason 2009
      Lettered by Showtime Designs
    • Carl Bowser 2007
      Carl Bowser 2007
    • Andrew Loria 2009
      Andrew Loria 2009
    • Rod George 2009
      Rod George 2009
      Lettered by Showtime Designs
    • Carl Bowser 2009 Hero Cards
      Carl Bowser 2009 Hero Cards
    • MartinsFunwear.com
    • Bowser Motorsports Trailer Banner
      Bowser Motorsports Trailer Banner
    • MartinMotorsportsMSG.com
      Martin Motorsports MSG.com
    • Butler Downtown Logo
      Butler Downtown Logo
    • Carl Bowser 2009
      Carl Bowser 2009

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  • Designs 2

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    • Rod George 2008
      Rod George 2008
      Lettered by Showtime Designs
    • Kyle Reinhardt 2008
      Kyle Reinhardt 2008
    • Garrett Krummert 2009
      Garrett Krummert '09
      Lettered by Showtime Designs
    • Carl Bowser 2006
      Carl Bowser 2006
    • Bryant Hank 2009
      Bryant Hank 2009
    • BHR
      Bryant Hank Racing Logo
    • Bill Stivason Sticker
      Suzanne Stivason Motorsports Window Stickers
    • Bryant Hank 2009
      Bryant Hank 2009
    • SprintCarNews.com Banners
      SprintCarNews.com Site Banners
    • StivasonPhotos.com Banner
      StivasonPhotos.com Banner
    • Wolfcreek Valley Trucks
      Wolfcreek Valley Trucks & Logo
    • Gavin Chatham Helmet
      Gavin Chatham Helmet
    • Todd Bachman 2006
      Todd Bachman 2006
      Lettered by Pitkavish Decals
    • Carl Bowser Helmet
      Carl Bowser Helmet 2007
    • Honda Dirtbike
      Honda Dirtbike
    • Gavin Chatham Kart
      Gavin Chatham Kart 2009
    • Terry Bowser 2006
      Terry Bowser 2006
    • Alex Ferree 2005
      Alex Ferree 2005 Design
      Lettered by ADC

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  • Designs 3

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    • Terry Bowser 2007
      Terry Bowser 2007
    • CarlBowser.com
      2009 Version
    • Dave Reinhardt 2008
      Dave Reinhardt 2008
    • Carl Bowser 2008
      Carl Bowser 2008
    • Todd Bachman 2006
      Todd Bachman 2006
      Lettered by Pitkavish Decals
    • Suzuki Dirtbike
      Suzuki Dirtbike
    • Carl Bowser 2004
      Carl Bowser 2004 270cc Micro
      Lettered by MotoArts
    • Kelsey George Racing Logo
      Kelsey George Racing Logo
    • Bowser Motorsports Logo
      Bowser Motorsports Logo
    • JT Trucking Peterbilt
      JT Trucking Peterbilt
    • George's
      George's Sales Logo
    • TRU.clanservers.com

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2010 Web Site Redesign and Development for Carl Bowser Racing

Click Here to Visit CarlBowser.com


Web Site for Carl Bowser Racing

Click Here to Visit CarlBowser.com


Web Site for Rod George Racing



Web Site for Martin Motorsports Pulling Team

Click Here to Visit MartinMotorsportsMSG.com


Web Site for Martin's Funwear

Click Here to Visit MartinsFunwear.com


Web Site for True Rage Unveiled Call of Duty Clan

Click Here to Visit TRU.clanservers.com